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"With local anaesthesia and fast and comfortable postoperative care"

We have specialised in this field of chiropody in which we have been working since 1999 with excellent results.

We use local anaesthesia in all surgical procedures.  The patient is able to walk immediately after the procedure and, even more importantly, suffers no pain either during surgery or postoperatively.

Our outpatient surgical procedures require no hospitalisation and allow the patient to walk during the healing process using specially adapted shoes.

We remove and/or correct:


• Bunions

• Hammer, claw and mallet toes.

• Ingrown nails

• Corns

• Corns on soles

• Subungual exostosis

• Morton’s neuroma

• Bunions on the little toe

• Papillomas, Verrucas or Plantar Warts

• Cysts

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