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Say goodbye to your nail fungus with laser

What is Onychomycosis also known as “nail fungus?

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection caused mainly by three different types of fungi: dermatophytes (90%), yeasts and moulds.

When nails are first colonised by these fungi, they change colour and develop small yellowish or greenish spots, or areas where the nail peels away from the skin.  At a later stage, there is thickening and a total destruction of the nail.

Until now, all treatments to cure this disease consisted of the application of a varnish or creams for many months, or even the administration of drugs orally, which are very aggressive to the body and have a number of side effects.

Moreover, very often the treatment is discontinued due to the long duration, inefficiency and inconvenience of this process.

At CLINIPIÉ ALBORÁN we now have a specialised laser, the

K- LÁSER , which eradicates nail fungus without any pain or side effects in an easy and comfortable way for the patient, without the need for any long, tedious and harmful treatments.

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 Antes                         Después

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