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Infantile chiroChiropody and foot care for childrenpody

"Warts, ingrown toenails and flat feet are the most frequent conditions in children"

Children are usually brought to the Chiropodist for several specific problems.

Frequently this is because of the appearance of infectious papilloma, mostly verrucas or warts caught in swimming pools or in changing rooms whilst participating in some kind of sports activity.  The symptoms are raised painful spots on the skin that are often mistaken for corns or something embedded in the skin like a thorn.

Ingrown toenails often occur in young children too. This problem has different solutions depending on each particular case and the stage of the condition. There are even permanent solutions that are really very simple.

The third most common kind of problem in children is one that requires treatment with orthopaedic insoles.  There are several different conditions that may require this kind of treatment, including flat feet, a high arch, inward pointing toes (pigeon-toed), outward pointing toes (duck-footed), knock knees, etc.

To increase the chances of a cure, early diagnosis is essential.  The first time feet should be examined after birth is at the age of 3 or 4 to study the child’s feet and to assess any possible deformities or abnormal gait.

Never forget that the impact of abnormal feet on the musculoskeletal system can be very serious in the long-term, with considerable repercussions on the knees, spine and even structural deformities of the feet themselves.

Used at the right time, in many cases, orthopaedic insoles can even achieve an improvement in general health.

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